Parties adventure

Pathfinder session 3-6-16

Followed mysterious Kitsune out of the meadow, riding on Sheldon
Encountered guards that gave a ride to Squeakey and Sheldon on a wagon
First of party to arrive in Edith
Hid Sheldon under a raspberry bush
Collected 5 copper performing for children
Found maybe injured drunken man on the ground, blamed Kitsune
Encountered Velox, do not yet trust him or Anguis
Encountered Adah outside of bar
Went with Adah and Velox to an inn to see Velox’s fox form
Might get room for free because of Adah?
Saw Velox change forms – trust him a little more
Sheldon is a little upset – didn’t like the stairs
Decided to go to the festival and see the festivities

Changed to human form and met with guards
Told that there were goblins and bandits = undesirables
Birds have migrated for the Fall
Saw guard again, told that he delivered a turtle and adorable creature into town
Made it to Edith, 3rd party
Approached the bar tender, bought an Ale and a Butterbeer
Gave bartender one gold and a snape statue
Asked man what the commotion was about, he passed out
Found young woman (Adah) in bar, winner of drinking contest
Met a mouseling and her turtle
Met Adah
Told them my full name and explanation of it
Mouseling farted – and we know it
Brief argument over my innocence with the unconscious drunk, drag him to inn
Rent two rooms in the inn, pets allowed to stay for free
Showed mouseling and Adah my fox form
Go to festival

Old Trinket Peddler has heard that there are rumors of green/mean things in the forest around Edith
Tavern Band Girl Drinking Contest Winnings:
Met a mouseling
Met Velox
Got two rooms at the Turtleback Tavern for 5 gold. *The rooms are free if I throw a party at the inn tonight.

Hugh Fan Fief:
Looking for information got a map and a letter.
Tried to rob a jewelry store in broad daylight got caught and got away
Lost grapple hook and rope
Won a rope in a competition
Got 1 cp thrown at me
When I got caught I got partially handcuffed and when lost the guards I gained them

Princess Josephine:
On separate document

Additional Comments:



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