Day 1 into Edith

From the diary of Princess Josephine

Princess Josephine
I went to the city of Adleraan. The captain of the boat that transported me to the city arranged a ride for me into town to city hall, so that I could find information about the town of Edith were a Fall Festival was to be held.
At city hall, the elder lady manning the front desk looked up the town of Edith for me and showed me a map, as well as informing me of the best place to find a horse for my travels, the Silver Saddle. While researching Edith, the lady came upon some interesting information. Edith is a small, low class, rough town that in the past has had goblin invasions. However, the lady assured me that they were probably not a problem by now.
The first person I encountered at the Silver Saddle was a very handsome young man. However, his overly flirtatious self made me feel very uncomfortable. Luckily, his sister, Irene, shoed hi m off hastily (slapping and kicking really) and attended to me instead. She was a very nervous lady who seemed very intimidated and unsettled by my presence. However, she provided excellent service. She showed me her finest horses and ponies and gave me the best advice for which gear I should use. All of her horses and ponies seemed like good horses. But, I chose the horse Tiberius to be my traveling companion. He was 8-9ft tall at the shoulders (+4ft with me on him), had a jet black coat and mane, he looked like he was made of pure muscle twice the size of a normal horse, truly a sight to behold. Tiberius is also very well trained, even combat trained. Irene suggested that I get the combat saddle and it proved to be an excellent recommendation. (Saddle gives me +2 bonus for my horse riding)
As I approached Edith, I hopped off Tiberius and walked through the East gate of Edith. Upon entering the East gate, I saw that I was right in the middle of the Fall Festival. I saw signs for Monster Hunt, Goblin Tossing, Dragon Racing, and Lighthouse Smashing. I walked to each area and asked about each of the games. Oddly, each area was being maintained by a set of brothers (one brother at each game I went to). Each brother was odd and sounded and looked like each other, except for the last brother who looked and sounded nothing like the first three I talked to. None of the games were as interesting as I had imagined after reading the flyer for the festival. They seemed like more childish or skill based games. The Monster Hunt involved shooting arrows which I do not have a talent for. The Goblin Tossing involved using a sling-shot to toss little fake goblin dolls. The Dragon Races were the biggest disappointment because they didn’t have real dragons, but instead tiny lizards.
Being uninterested in playing games, I asked the last brother if there were any special features or places in town that a visitor should see. He told me of an ancient lighthouse that had been broken down many years ago and was now used as a sort of historical landmark and museum. The lighthouse wasn’t very exciting or interesting either. The most exciting thing about being there was trying to be quiet enough to not wake the sleeping elf that resided within.
As I exited the lighthouse, I noticed a flyer saying “Combat of the Champions” on the back of the entrance door (rather odd I hadn’t noticed it before). I decided to check it out. When I got to the location, I thought it was very unusual that there was no one in line at the ticket booth. I approached the ticket booth and asked the man inside about the “Combat of Champions.” He said the competitors carriage had flipped and they would not be able to make it to the event. They were asking for citizen volunteers but without luck.
As I stood to the side of the ticket booth trying to determine my next move, a rather wealthy looking couple (the man was a Councilman) had stepped up to the booth to obtain tickets. The man seemed rather upset by the news of the cancelation, while his wife looked rather please from the fact she wouldn’t have to go to the combat. The man turned, saw me, and started to approach me as he said something around the lines of, “It is nice to finally see someone of common class.” Seeing me pause not knowing how to respond to that, he continued, “Well, anyways, what brings you to Edith?” I informed them that I was merely traveling. His wife got really excited and started planning for me to attend a play with them. Plays were not my cup of tea and the thought of seeing one with a lady of her energy terrified me. Her husband seemed to notice my dislike for the idea and offered to take me for a tour of the town with them in their very elegant carriage.
Chatting and touring with them was actually rather pleasant until the Councilman’s wife started picking at my clothes and appearance saying we needed to go shopping and get a makeover basically. I again was horrified by this woman. As rich as I am, I do not enjoy such extravagant things and activities; that is part of the reason for me wanting to travel and go on an adventure. I made sure to tell them that such things were unnecessary because I was traveling and would just ruin nice clothing anyways. Then she started saying, “Oh, you poor thing! At least let us give you a slave or two to help you with your travels!” I told them that one of the reasons for leaving and traveling was to be on my own for once and learn how to do things for myself. This saved me from her conversation, but got the man and woman on a completely different topic about their son. Apparently, their son was useless and wasn’t doing anything with his life other than spending their money. They started bickering about their son and it got really uncomfortable for me. We pasted by a large crowd of people that seemed to be very interested in something and waiting with great admiration in their eyes. Instead of announcing I wanted off the carriage, I knew they wouldn’t notice, so I just hopped through the open carriage window landing gracefully on Tiberius who had been walking alongside the carriage the whole time. I rode up to the crowd to investigate this intriguing scene of people and figure out just what they were waiting for.
I felt many eyes on me as I went through the crowd, yet everyone seemed to be avoiding approaching me or making eye contact, except for one man. This man seemed to be coming in my direction actually? He stopped in from of me and said, “Hey, what brings you around here?” Honestly, there was something seriously unsettling about the way he approached and spoke to me. However, I was relieved that for once, he seemed to act as if I were a normal person in the crowd instead of cowering away and holding me to some level that wasn’t really who I was internally, so I decided to not be rude and at least respond to this man. I told him I was just traveling through. He asked me if I had gathered any information about the town of Edith. The only thing I knew to tell was that apparently they have had Goblin attacks in the past and that it was a strange place full of odd people. Then he asked if I were up for forcing people into giving me information, and I replied with, “No! It isn’t interesting enough to be worth that effort yet.” Then there was a slight awkwardness and I got very uncomfortable.
Thankfully, we were interrupted before I had to suffer through any more of this awkward conversation with this mysterious man that there was something unsettling about. We were interrupted by a lady and a strange man with a wolf. The man with the wolf was very talkative and not shy in the least bit. He commented on my rather intimidating appearance. Until then I had realized it to be strange, but I guess it may be different for those around to see a woman 6ft tall on an 8-9ft tall horse, which put my head 12-13ft high in the air, about 6-8ft above the normal standing persons. I guess if I were them, I would also find such a sight as myself intimidating. The man talked about a creature who was hiding because she feared my horse. I quickly defended Tiberius, “Oh, no one has anything to worry about! He is very well trained and extremely friendly!” As soon as I had spoken of his friendliness, a small 2ft high mouse like creature came out from hiding and started squeaking at my horse. My horse started neighing as if he were having a conversation with this small creature. I had no idea what to think of this situation, but that was one of the most adorable creatures my eyes had ever had the pleasure of seeing. The small creature informed me that the other horses called Tiberius “Cloverfield.”
We all talked for a bit, and then they invited me and the guy I had been talking to, to go to the fair with them. I had been disappointed by the fair, but I didn’t want to leave this group of people just yet. They were all strange, odd, unique, and unlike any other humans or creatures I had ever met, but for the first time since I started my travels, I felt like I belonged and was where I was meant to be. I didn’t want to lose that feeling just yet, and I wanted to find out more about the intriguing creatures, so I accepted their invitation.
The peaceful, wonderful moment came to an abrupt end as we started hearing a dreadful sound. This sound belonged to cannons. A cannon ball struck and exploded a building just 15 feet away. Then, just as suddenly as the sound came appeared many little green creatures, Goblins, storming our way. Simultaneously, we all went in either defensive or offensive mode. I didn’t want to scare my new acquaintances away, but I had no choice but to use my best defense, a genetic gift that allows me to transform into a tiger with extremely deadly claws.



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